Making a Statement, Providing an Alternative

Sail Trade is proud to welcome Tres Hombres of Fair Transport:

February 28th, 2018. / #TresHombres

Tres Hombres.jpg

Come alongside to greet the legendary, Tres Hombres tall ship in Charleston, SC late February 2018. This engineless cargo vessel has spent the last 10 years circling the Atlantic delivering tropical cargo to Europe— for the first time they will be cominge ashore in the USA, and will commence trading!

Tres Hombres and their allies in sail have co-founded an international sail cargo alliance, and a trading company called FairTransport— creating a network and institutional framework for the emerging Sail trade movement.

 All the products carried aboard Tres Hombres and sister vessels are carefully selected, with partnership from Slow Food and Fair Trade certifiers— to ensure that this new phase of trade is fair, clean and generative for everyone along the supply chain.  This is the future of trade, more direct, more accountable, more personable and more precise— following the winds, retracing a new logic and building good markets for small island agricultural economies made marginal by globalization. Shade grown coffee