Making a Statement, Providing an Alternative

We envision a world where instead of 90% of our everyday purchases coming from across the world on ‘super-ships’, that instead we will consume 90% less, and of that which we consume more comes from our backyards, from our friends and neighbors, from our communities.  And that which we can not produce ourselves, those luxuries that make our everyday existence more enjoyable, items that bring our communities together, commodities like chocolate, coffee, delicious tropical fruits, and Rum, will be ethically sourced, and ethically shipped, creating a more fair and balanced global society.  

- Our Vision -


The Ship

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Tom Colvin Schooner

Sail Trade has taken a keen interest to the works of Naval Architect Tom Colvin.  The vessels he designed over his lifetime were graceful, but intended to be put to work.  He designed the 105' three masted 80 ton cargo schooner to carry 53,000 pounds with a hold volume of 1,200 cubic feet.  She is a proven hull, both seaworthy and easy to handle and maintain. 

The Crew

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Reid Kirkpatrick

From Navy Ships, to a personally owned and restored 40' wooden hulled sailing ketch, as well as sailing schooners and tug boats, I have seen a lot of water.  Be it crossing the Pacific and Indian Oceans, more than once, or having worked the trade routes from Seattle to Honolulu.  I have worked the water from the Alaskan fisheries to the agricultural barge trade of the Eastern Seaboard.  I have sailed every bit of coastline of North America from the Bristol Bay to Long Island Sound along the way.  

In my sailings I have born witness to both the beauty of our ocean and coastal environments and what impact our maritime industry bears on their increasingly fragile ecosystems and wild shorelines.  I have grown tired of not being directly involved in finding a solution.

Yet this concept, and the values of the Sail Cargo Alliance, have given me new energy and hope.  I am excited about bringing my passion and experience to this new direction.

Aside from a life at sea, I earned a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.  I lived in New Zealand for a year with my wife, and am a new proud father. 

When I am not at sea I choose to bury my oar in my home in Western North Carolina where the wind sweeps the valleys and the water rolls into soft pools, where brooke trout gather as I cast a fly and forget about the existence of time.


JB Borgstedt

From underwater maintenance man, to deck hand, to commercial fisherman, my experiences on the water have brought me to a point in my career where the desire and opportunity to make a positive impact and become an agent for positive change at sea has become very real for me, and I'm in.  

I have a passion for travel and a love for adventure, always have.  My wanderings have drifted seaward over the years, as has my work and livelihood.  Traveling and working as a diver & maritime laborer has given me a unique perspective on the treatment and state of our seas.  Around and throughout the South Pacific and Indian Ocean in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as working in the Caribbean and Mid Atlantic, I have seen first hand some of the problems that face our oceans today, and have begun to seriously look for opportunities to make a positive impact.  

I have been fortunate enough to gain work experience in some areas and operations that are actively engaged in improving the state of our seas, but I have also seen the other side of things, and have witnessed first hand the negative impact that we as a society can exact on our oceans.  A unique opportunity to see the potential for positive change presented itself in Northwestern Australia when I was able to land a job as a work diver on a pearl farm, where sound environmental practices are essential to maintaining a healthy underwater environment to cultivate and harvest gem quality pearls from oyster shells.  Since then, drifting from jobs in the southern hemisphere to workboats in the Caribbean and Mid-Atlantic as a professional mariner and commercial fisherman, active conservation and awareness varies greatly from boat to boat, and from sea to sea.  At this point I know where I stand on the issue, and that is why Sail Trade is here to promote positive change and awareness concerning our seas and the way we treat them with respect to our daily consumption of shipped goods.  The appreciation is here, the desire is here.  Let's make a difference.

Our Partners


Coffee Roasters

Sail Trade is committed to delivering the finest origin sourced beans that the Caribbean and Latin America have to offer, giving your business a unique opportunity to support the new trend in coffee, zero emmissions shipping.  You can market our product with an easily recognizable stamp that certifies that your product was not only ecologically sustainably shipped, but also has an accessible story to it.  Your customers can see who shipped their coffee, and from where, following the progress of our voyages through the interaction of our website.  


Chocolate Shops

We at Sail Trade believe that chocolate is already the new trend in artisan tastes.  Like coffee we know that chocolate is already marketing and upholding to the same Fair Trade and Organic certifications.  We believe that there is an interesting story to be told in the production of chocolates, and that the method in which the cocoa beans are shipped is just as interesting.  Chocolate producers will receive the Sail Trade stamp, certifying to their customers that their product was shipped sustainably, by local mariners, and that the customer can follow the source of their purchase our website, video content, social media, and logs.  


Distillers / Brewers

Aging rum, whiskey, wines, and IPA's at sea increases the exposure the spirits have to the tannins in the casks through the constant shifting of the vessel, as well as increases the exposure to salt air, adding unique qualities to the taste, as well as helping to haste aging.  Sail Trade is excited to offer space in its hold for casks to be "Aged at Sea" with a unique story behind each label.